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Establishing the corporate identity of a company is a process that involves several factors.

Internal design, building façades, canopy, signs, totems and orientation signs must come together to create a consistent identity and perception about the high quality of products and services of a company. Whether the project is prepared by an architectural office, a design office or a façade applicator, it is necessary that the brand values of your establishment are reflected perfectly in the places and buildings where your company is based. It is the job and responsibility of institutional architecture to help you convey your message to its surroundings as it goes hand in hand with the soul of the city. Therefore any design that is created for your company must address vital ecological, economical and social issues in a consistent and integrated manner.
Sistem Alüminyum is proud to offer you many architectural solutions that comes with 25 years experience of and with excellent color matching and brightness, but also easy to install and cost effective with dimensional stability. This is what we promise to provide you based on our experience of a nearly a quarter of a century.
We make production on two main products: Aluminum profiles and aluminum composite panels in our Çorlu facility
which is established on an area of 300.000 m2 with 70.000 m2 is closed.
Our brand features not only curtain wall systems but also insulated and uninsulated woodworks, slidings, skylights, steel reinforced
façades, office partitions, and composite and stone-coated sub-conveyor systems and industrial profiles. The systems offered to the
sector have been subjected to engineering tests at every stage, and have been harmonized with all accessories in European (EN) norms.
Our brand name for Aluminum Composite Panels. Alutechbond ACP is the indispensable part of façades addressing your creative
ideas and needs, and we are here to design and implement it for you. Panels in B1, B2 and A2 classes are manufactured at our
facilities to offer solutions for exterior and interior façade applications with metallic, matte or patterned color options; with all our
products conforming to European Quality Standards.
Sistem Alüminyum is an integrated facility where we can perform many manufacturing activities including die production, extrusion,
electrostatic powder coating, wood coating, anodizing and mechanical processing, composite panel manufacturing and final applications.